5 Best Drama Movies All Time

Minari (2020 )

Minari (2020 ) an Oscar-designated film about a family from South Korea who seek after their fantasies in the American South, is a balance of inspiring and disastrous. “The film demonstrates that it’s about more than the Korean American experience. The Asian American experience, or even the settler experience everywhere.” Glamor giver Deanna Pai wrote in her audit. “Maybe, it’s about how outcasts can discover home in one another—couple, rancher and farmhand, grandma and grandson.”

Black Swan(2010) - A-BELLAMY | วิจารณ์หนัง,รีวิวหนัง,วิเคราะห์หนัง

Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her exhibition as Nina. A ballet dancer who turns out to be progressively unhinged as she contends with Lily (Mila Kunis) for the lead part in Swan Lake. We would prefer not to give a lot away. Yet on the off chance that you’ve seen any of chief Darren Aronofsky’s other work. You know you’re in for some dull mental exciting bends in the road.

Promising Young Woman (2020) หญิงร้ายเพราะชายสารเลว – THE STANDARD

Promising Young Woman is not normal for any vengeance story you’ve at any point seen previously. As chief and author Emerald Fennell wrote in an article for Glamor. “I was contemplating the retribution kind and how I hadn’t seen a female vengeance film that isn’t essentially a man’s excursion in a dress.”

Review หนังดี) : Gone Girl (2014) - เมื่ออยู่ดีๆ เมียก็หายตัวไป  ทำให้ชีวิตของผัวต้องตกนรกทั้งเป็น - Pantip

Rosamund Pike brought the quiet ghostliness of Amy, the focal character in the Gillian Flynn tale Gone Girl, to the big screen in this variation of the book. Amy disappears, and quite soon everybody begins to speculate her significant other. Nick Dunne, who appears to be extremely casual about the entire circumstance. However. An insane curve takes things to an altogether better place.

Minari (2020 )

Greta Gerwig added huge loads of new energy to her adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Giving the March sisters a hint of advancement and a joyful quality. The projecting assumes a tremendous part in how great this transformation is as well: Saoirse Ronan’s interpretation of Jo is enthusiastic and furiously autonomous, and Florence Pugh carries energy and affectability to Amy.

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