Home design principles Things to know, you should know before making


Home design principles Things to know, you should know before making a decision to build. Home design principles It is very important before the construction of each house. And hiring a contractor to build a house just that But it is necessary to have a good and thoughtful home design before starting construction. To get a house that meets the needs and suits the homeowner Whether it is in terms of budget Calculation of materials that will be used for construction. The time required for each stage of construction Until in order to get the style of the house that you like And meets taste Each owner of the house As for home design, if the homeowners do not want a very complex house structure, they can design the house by themselves. But if it is a complex house or a lot of system work, it is best to hire an expert or architect to design it to take care of it. Only the owner of the house told the need that he wanted to get a house style The architect will proceed for And for the principles that are adopted in the design of the house, the following principles must be taken into account.

1. Principles of home design determines the style.

2. Design principles determine the size.

3. Designed by determining wind position and direction.

4. Positioning of the air conditioner

5.Designed for sound proof

6. Design your home with the future in mind. รับออกแบบบ้าน


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