Korean series worth watching Netflix, VIU, IQIYI update April – May 2021

Korean series
Korean series

Korean series Dark Hole Mysterious sci-fi Korean drama tells the story of Lee Hwason (Kim Gok Bin) as a detective of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Regional Investigation Unit. Until one day her life had to change. When she receives a call from the murderer of her husband And told her to come to Mu Ji But when she arrived there, she was shocked. Because the people of this city turned into monsters after inhaling the mysterious black smoke from the collapsed pit. She struggles to save people and chase her husband’s murderer along the way.

Meanwhile, Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk), who has lived in Mu Ji all his life. He once worked as a police detective. But had to resign because of the misunderstanding scandal And now he works as a still-loving truck driver. Until one day he had to face havoc and chaos at his city. Because of the black smoke that turned people into monsters. So he teamed up with Lee Hwason to save the people of this town.

What will be the story of a group of survivors who have to fight these mutants? Can be traced in a Dark Hole. ดูหนังออนไลน์


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