“New Company” heavy cannoid, Kovid-19, lost his job, decided to sell his motorcycle.


“New Company” Another freelance actor who had worked hard before, saw his face on TV almost every day for the handsome, new-shared, middle-aged

and there were a lot of events, but most recently, during the Quid-19 season, everyone was affected by their earnings and their job losses

and the New Yorker himself was the one who admitted that he had a lot of thoughts about

this situation, so he had to tighten his seat on the job.He came in and decided to sell four of his favorite motorcycles.

“New Company” Last chance I got to see New at Camp Shane 2561’s

“Wife of the First” fittings, so I need to talk to you about it.

I’m always going to tell everyone what if I’m not there, what if I don’t have to do something?We’re just preparing for the day, planning to deal with it consciously. Just do the best we can.

The origin of paranoia comes from me, the COVID-19 thing.

Well, whatever we had, the event was a hit, and the real income from the play was a lot of money

but if we shoot a story six or seven months before the air gets paid, then the air gets paid for itand if the event doesn’t have us we’re gonna have to spend our savings and it’s just gonna be expenses, no revenue, we’re gonna do everything we can, so we’re gonna have to think about it

we’re gonna have to plan again.What do you think is the happiness money can buy or something?I can’t afford to be idle.

We used to like motorcycles, we used to buy all the bikes, we sold them all, I sold them all,

I’ve sold four, I haven’t used them, I haven’t been riding them for years, asking if it’s a shame to sell them every day

but we feel like we’re not using them, so if we sell them for money, we can make something else

and the people who bought them would have used them. It’s better than just keeping it.”

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